29 Shipments of Humanitarian Foreign Aid, at the value of 10.50 million dirhams, since the Beginning of the Year Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Establishment dispatches 2,464 tons of aid to 18 states

His Excellency Ibrahim Bu Melha, Consultant of His Highness, Ruler of Dubai, for Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs. and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Establishment, announced that Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Establishment sent 2,464 tons of material aid since the beginning of this year, including 29 air and sea shipments to 18 allied states. The aid is distributed to the needy people of these nations as a part of the charitable works performed by the Establishment all over the world and the efforts, as well as the renowned and dignified stance, of the UAE towards its friends throughout the world.

Bu Melha further added that the humanitarian shipments provided by the Establishment are in implementation of the honorable directives and unlimited support of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE, Prime Minister, Ruler of Dubai and the sponsor of the Establishment. The relief and humanitarian works of the Establishment support needy people in allied states, reflecting His Highness’s keenness to provide assistance to all, out of the noble humanitarian and brotherly ties linking the UAE to all peoples of the world.

Bu Melha extended his thanks to the strategic partners of the Establishment for the provision of these shipments, including: Dubai Department of Economic Development, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Customs, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Police, Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Etihad Airways, and Emirates Airline. The strategic partners also include a number of hotels, such as Jumairah Beach, Burj Al Arab, Jumairah Residence, and Bab Al Shams Resort, in addition to Ali Murad Trade Company.

Bu  Melha recognized the aforementioned strategic partners for their enduring support of the Establishment. He explained that these shipments are the outcome of cooperation and partnership between the Establishment, on one side, and these departments, corporations, and companies, on the other side.  These shipments are donated within the framework of community partnership in support of common efforts in charity and humanitarianism.

Bu Melha added that, as part of its strategic policy, the Establishment bears in mind the expansion of cooperation in regards to charitable and humanitarian work, and the importance of concerted efforts on the local level for the implementation of diversified charitable projects.

Bu Melha stated that the shipments have been sent and distributed to needy people outside of the UAE. The shipments contained large quantities of food items, clothes, shoes, and bags, which were provided to families, children, and the elderly.  A number of medical appliances, devices, chairs for the disabled, and various furniture items were also provided. Furthermore, the shipments included electric generators, water pumps, and a large number of computers and accessories. The total value of these shipments was more than AED 10 million and five hundred thousand.

Bu Melha indicated that the Establishment receives the new equipment, devices, clothes and shoes from governmental and nongovernmental authorities and sends them to the external authorities, which are in dire need for them. The Establishment confirms surveys to recognize and confirm the requirements of these states and take the necessary procedures to deliver this aid to the needy people.


AI Mamzar,Mamzar Beach,Near of The Cultural and Scientific Association and Dubai International Holy Qur'an Award.