Mohammed bin Rashid Charity Est. provides mass Iftar for “8222″ fasting persons in Lebanon during the month of Ramadan

Media office of the “Humanitarian and Development Affairs Attaché” in the UAE Embassy of Lebanon, has announced that the “UAE Program for providing Iftar for fasting persons in Ramadan -1 437 H.” will continue throughout the holy month of Ramadan to include all Lebanese regions and will benefit the displaced Syrians and Palestinian and Lebanese families alike.

“Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian & Charity Est.” offered to sponsor a number of mass Iftars in several areas of Lebanon, including Aramoun, Bchamoun, and Beirut “Tariq el Jdide”.

During the past three days of Ramadan, the establishment sponsored a number of Iftar events included 625 Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian families. This activity will continue on a daily basis to take place in several Lebanese regions.

It is worth mentioning that the estimated number of beneficiaries from the mass Iftars provided through a grant from the establishment during the month of Ramadan will be 8222 persons.


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