Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Establishment Implements 61 Ramadan Projects inside and outside the UAE at a cost of 77 and a half million dirhams

Under the honorable directives of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, the Mohammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Charity and Humanitarian Establishment has announced several charitable projects to be implemented for the Holy Month of Ramadan within the State for all the needy, whether they be citizens, residents, or fellow Muslims in friendly and allied countries around the world. The announcement comes as an extension of typical role of the Establishment during the month of Ramadan every year, both inside the UAE and internationally as well.

The Establishment is always keen to provide the necessary support for the needy, and this year’s charitable projects come at an exact cost of 77,513,000 dirhams, or approximately 7.5 million dirhams. The approved budget of these projects is more 7,75% higher than the budget of last year. There are 61 Ramadan projects to be implemented both domestically and internationally. Such an expansive scope for project implementation will help all people to welcome Holy Month of Ramadan.

His Excellency Ibrahim Bu Milha, a Consultant of Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs for HH Ruler of Dubai, and Chairman of the Establishment Board of Trustees, elaborated upon the aforementioned details at the press conference held yesterday morning for this occasion in the Establishment Headquarters, Mamzar Area.  The press conference was held in the presence of Youssef Ali, Chairman of Lulu Hypermarket Group.

Bu Milha added that the Establishment strategy was derived from the national strategy aimed at achieving comprehensive social integrity for all classes of society. Accordingly, the Establishment exerted efforts and set an action plan to implement these projects earlier, in order to enable the needy to optimally benefit from this aid and be ready for the Holy Month of Ramadan.  Earlier implementation also alleviates the crowdedness experienced every year in front of the Establishment due to large numbers of needy people. He also stated that the budget of the projects to be implemented within the UAE was 51 million dirhams, which was more than 2,1%  higher than last year’s budget. He added that the budget of projects to be implemented outside the state was 27 million dirhams, representing a 23% increase from the previous year.

Ramadan Supplies

His Excellency Ibrahim Bu Milha thanked Her Highness Sheikha Hend Bint Gomaa Al-Maktoum for her moral and material support of several charitable projects implemented by the Establishment, especially during the Holy Month of Ramadan. He praised Her Highness for her endeavors to implement the Ramadan supplies program every year in cooperation with the Establishment in order to support virtuous families. He asked Allah to accept her deeds, bless her for her spending, and favor her in the Day of Resurrection.

Bu Milha stated that the Establishment had distributed Ramadan supplies for the ninth year in a row through electronic smart cards. The Ramadan supplies program is one of the modern and innovative humanitarian projects provided for the needy. The Establishment is a leader, excelling in humanitarianism. The Establishment continues this giving and is inspired by the directives of the wise leadership of our State. The Establishment also uses state of the art technology to deliver services in a simple and innovative manner. It is the first entity to implement the Ramadan supplies program in this manner in the State. This program has s positive effect on the beneficiaries, with 6,000 families benefiting from these cards collectively valued at 4 million dirhams.


Bu Milha added that the Establishment Ramadan projects this year aim to distribute Zakat earlier in order to enable the needy to optimally take advantage of this aid during the Holy Month in the Emirate of Dubai and northern emirates. The Establishment is committed to helping and satisfying the needs of the poor, orphans, widows, and needy, whether citizens or residents of different nationalities and make them happy during the Holy Month. Collected Zakat amounts to 38 million dirhams, which is more than a 10,5% increase from last year’s collected Zakat. 8,000 families will benefit from this collected Zakat. Bu Milha thanked and gave appreciation to everyone who cooperated with the Establishment and deposited their Zakat. He stated that the cooperation would continue with philanthropists and businessmen in order to serve the poor and needy.


Ibrahim Bu Milha announced that one of the projects implemented by the Establishment within the State was the project of distributing sugar to the needy during the Holy Month. Bu Milha thanked and expressed his gratitude to Al-Khaleej Sugar Company for donating about 135 tons of sugar, which is equal to 5400 sacs, 25 kg per each sac, for the sixth successive year. Amounts of this sugar were distributed to charitable societies operating in other emirates, as the Establishment is careful to make sure that this essential commodity arrives at every beneficiary’s home. The distributed amounts were valued at about 340 thousand dirhams.

Zayed Humanitarian Day

Bu Milha stated that the Establishment would launch several humanitarian initiatives in the State and other allied countries on 19th of Ramadan, marking the day of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan’s death, May Allah Have Mercy on Him. These initiatives followed the same approach of the late Sheikh Zayed in humanitarian works. The first initiative will be implemented within the state. It is called the Young People Convoy Initiative, which will honor parents and grandparents who lived and were brought up on this homeland, patiently struggling to lay the first foundational blocks for building this modern state. Sheikh Zayed was extremely aware of the importance of meeting citizens’ needs, as he recognized that man is the pivot of a balanced development process throughout the State; a  fundamental element in progress, development, and prosperity. Those citizens were his partners, who cooperated with him to build this country.

With regard to the humanitarian initiatives in friendly and allied countries, Bu Milha remarked that this occasion embodies the feelings of love and fulfillment. It memorializes the great influence of Sheikh Zayed, May Allah Have Mercy on Him, influence that reached every place around the world. Bu Milha also added that the Establishment would launch four humanitarian projects in three Islamic countries so that Muslim people would benefit from them, and follow the example of UAE citizens who are inspired by Sheikh Zayed. These projects are in the amount of 13 million dirhams.



Basmit Yatim Project

Bu Milha said that the Establishment would implement “Basma” Project, which supports orphans’ families and helps them to afford the expenses of those orphans. This is to make those innocent-hearted children feel happy through Ramadan projects, which draw smiles on the needy faces within the State. The Project is valued at amount of 6 million dirhams, and the list of orphans includes 2000 orphans, including citizens and residents in different emirates. A list of their names was made by the Establishment partners including charitable establishments in every emirate.

Social Aid

His Excellency Ibrahim Bu Milha confirmed that it is important to support weak classes in the local community during this Holy Month through satisfying their different needs. The Establishment provided variable aid of a minimum 2 million dirhams to relieve family burdens during this Holy Month. This aid include payment of rent, electricity bills, etc. 334 families benefited from this aid.

International Iftar

With regard to the projects which are implemented outside the State, Bu Milha stated that the implementation of these projects in different states embodies the brotherly relationships in such holy occasions, which are called for by our religion. The Establishment implemented Ramadan Iftar Project in 42 countries – over four more countries than last year –  in Asia, Africa, Europe, and USA. The Establishment cooperated with several charitable foundations and societies in these countries to provide aid for low-income families during this Holy Month within the cooperative framework between the Establishment and its counterparts in sister and friendly states. The Project budget is eight million five hundred thousand, representing a 9,67% increase from the last year. Bu Milha also said that the number of families who benefited from this Project was 45 thousand families, which was more 10751 families representing 38%, than the last year.

Eid Clothes

Bu Milha stated that the Establishment’s objectives were to please the needy and relieve their suffering during the Holy Month. Thus, the Establishment immediately implemented projects that achieve these objectives. The Establishment also added Eid Clothes Project to its Ramadan schedules to be implemented this year, as this project aims to make virtuous families feel happy. It provides ready-made clothes donated by Dubai Department of Economic Development. These clothes include more than 52 thousand pieces of ready-made clothes and shoes to be distributed in several countries at the rate of one thousand families of five members in every country. These clothes are valued at a total amount of 5 million dirhams.


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