Local Projects

  • Almsgiving


    Almsgiving (Zakat): With the advent of Ramadan every year, the Establishment becomes the big heart that reaches diverse regions to contribute to the distribution of monetary alms to the eligible people pursuant to sharia law.

  • Construction of Houses

    Construction of Houses
    Construction of Houses

    Construction and Maintenance of Houses: The Establishment has developed a charitable project that aims to build houses for low-income people and those who support large families; as 60 villas were built in the Emirates of Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah under the name of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum village.

    Each villa consists of 4 bedrooms with a bathroom in each one, a living room, a lounge for men, a lounge for women, a kitchen, and an external extension that contains a kitchen, a stockroom, and a maid's room with a bathroom. The Establishment has established a housing project for widows and those in need which includes 55 villas in the Emirate of Fujairah.

  • Educational Programs

    Educational Programs
    Educational Programs

    Educational Programs: The Establishment has developed a program called "with science, we progress" within its commitment to provide support to the educational process in the United Arab Emirates. It has also initiated its plans to fortify future generations with discipline of science. Along with this, the program aims to provide a string of aid to the educational field in the United Arab Emirates in which a lot of educational projects have been carried out such as

    School Fee Project:

    It has been designed for the needy students within the Establishment's efforts to increase its effective role in helping some of the needy segments of the society in order to facilitate children's education process. Students with special needs have been taken into consideration from different schools in the UAE..

    Laptop Distribution Project:

    The Laptop Distribution Project is the first project of its kind in the UAE's charity work that helps university students through supporting the necessary means of education according to a mechanism set since the Program has been launched in 2003. The number of laptops that were distributed from ’03 to 2012 among university students was 3500 with a total cost of 14 million AED.

    School Uniform Project:

    The Establishment seeks to contribute in aiding poor families through its charity work so as to meet the educational process requirements and to include poor families children in its educational programs. For this reason, it provided school uniforms for needy students.

    Project of Stationery:

    At the beginning of each academic year, students need stationeries and so the Establishment provides them to the needy families through purchase vouchers given to every student. The Establishment is committed to agreements with major stationery supply stores to ensure that all school needs are met .

    School Extension Construction:

    The Establishment persists in carrying out projects in support of the educational process in the UAE and helps schools accommodate more students. Examples of the most prominent actions taken by the Establishment include building classrooms, management rooms, and laboratories for the Umm Al Qura school in Umm Al Quwain.

    Supporting Schools:

    This is a project that aligns with the strategy pursued by the Establishment for supporting educational process and providing the necessary means of education to effectively fulfil its tasks. The Establishment provided financial and in-kind support represented as various school devices .

  • Financial Aid

    Financial Aid
    Financial Aid

    Financial Aid: Financial aid is offered to families in order to help meet their cost of living such as rent, electricity/water bills, cut off financial aid, as well as help in purchasing furniture and domestic appliances and electricity connection fees.

  • Food Cards

    Food Cards
    Food Cards

    Food Cards (Ramadan Parcels): This is an ambitious idea the Establishment carried out by issuing magnetic cards containing the data of the eligible person to be able to purchase the necessary food and consumer goods monthly through cooperative associations. The goal is to meet the food needs of poor families throughout the holy month.

  • Health Programs

    Health Programs
    Health Programs

    Health Programs: The programs are one of the most important programs the Establishment has sought to support and given a high priority to. The Establishment has contributed to the treatment of patients in the UAE by providing medical and therapeutic aid, covering the costs of surgical operations for many individuals such as heart operations for children and adults and other necessary operations, and supplying medications and medical equipment for people with special needs such as wheelchairs and prosthetics. Furthermore, it contributed to the treatment of many chronic conditions inside and outside the UAE, performed eye surgeries such as cornea transplant, and provided medications for heart, kidneys, nerves diseases, and various medications. A dental clinic has been equipped in Umm Al Quwain Medical District, ultrasound devices were provided to the Ajman Medical District, and medical beds and incubators were provided to Al Baraha Hospital..

    The Establishment also supplied the Saqr Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah with a portable dialysis machine which added quality to the hospital and served and treated the patients with renal diseases. It then further provided financial and expensive pharmaceutical aid. The Establishment has covered the costs of prosthetics for amputated arms and legs, medical shoes of all kinds, electric and normal wheelchairs, cars for the disabled, hearing aids, programs for blind people, and eyeglasses for a large number of school students. In cooperation with the Dubai Health Authority, the Establishment has launched an initiative called "Nabadat" as an attempt to help and rescue children who suffer from congenital heart defects by performing heart surgeries for them.

  • Seasonal Projects

    Seasonal Projects
    Seasonal Projects

    Seasonal Projects: These are projects carried out by the Establishment at specific times of the year in order to support various segments of society as per their needs. They include Ramadan Iftar events, Eid gifts, Hajj supplies, stationeries, and other projects that aim to serve the community.


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