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Mauritania Extends Appreciation to the Mohammed bin Rashid Charity and Humanitarian Establishment – The Nabadat Initiative Conducts Free Medical Examinations for 240 Mauritanian Children

Under the auspices of the global initiatives of HH Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the medical team of the Nabadat Initiative has completed the free medical examination program for Mauritanian children – from less than a month old to eighteen years old –  with heart diseases who are afflicted by deformities. This initiative was launched by Mohammed bin Rashid Charity and Humanitarian Establishment in collaboration with Dubai Health Authority as part of a medical charity campaign to care for children with congenital birth defects in the Republic of Mauritania. The objective of this campaign is to provide free medical services to improve the health conditions of sick children, and also to identify these children’s current health status. The surgical operations or therapeutic cardiac catheterization to be performed on the children is part of the medical team’s mission to care for the largest possible number of children throughout the duration of the campaign, which extends until the 19th of the current month.

The pediatric cardiac surgeons of the Nabadat Initiative’s medical team, who conducted these diagnostic tests, confirmed that all diagnosed cases are congenital heart defects in children, ranging from valve disease to large and small holes in the heart and arteries, as well as cardiomyopathy. They said that the most of these cases were diagnosed late, due to the lack of resources. If earlier diagnoses had been made, they could have been treated without surgical interventions such as open heart surgery or therapeutic cardiac catheterization.

Specialists clarified that 240 Mauritanian children, 30 children per day, will undergo these tests as part of the Nabadat Initiative in Mauritania. They indicated that they diagnosed many cases of children afflicted by Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), one of the most difficult cases of congenital abnormalities among children. It disrupts the child’s intelligence due to the lack of cerebral perfusion caused by the disease.

Dr. Ahmed Ould Bah Alolaty, heart consultant and the director of the Mauritanian National Center for Heart Disease, expressed deep appreciation to the Nabadat Initiative for treating the hearts of children around the world. This initiative left indelible impression on him due to its selfless provision of care to Mauritanian children with congenital deformities who do not have the financial means to recover. Without the initiative, recovery could only be achieved outside the country, at very high costs – costs which must be paid or else these children’s death will be the likely outcome. This initiative provided care for these disadvantaged children through surgical operations or therapeutic cardiac catheterization. By the power of Allah, these children will fully recover, living renewed and normal lives like their peers.

Dr. Ahmed expressed his profound gratefulness to the Nabadat Initiative: “I cannot express adequate gratitude to all those responsible for this initiative, including its creator, as well as executives and financers. On behalf of myself, the patients, and their relatives and on behalf of the Mauritanian people, we give our utmost thanks for the smiles of happiness on the faces of the mothers of these children with heart defects; mothers who will see their children recover in full after their operations. Children who have undergone the operation are now healthy children, going about their normal lives and going to school, building their futures and the future of their countries.”

Dr. Ahmed affirmed that Nabadat was one of the most successful children’s heart surgery initiatives, not only from the standpoint of the medical staff, but also in regards to the positive experience of the medical team, led by Dr. Zuhair Ahalis, a world famous pediatric surgeon. They greatly benefited from the National Heart Center through conducting open heart surgery or therapeutic cardiac catheterization for the children inside Mauritania. According to the Mauritanian medical staff, the positive impact of these benefits cannot be overstated.

Dr. Ahmed added that the intangible benefits of the initiative include the treatment of a large number of children in a very few days, in comparison to the number of children treated during normal working operations at the center. Under the initiative, about 55 children with congenital birth defects were treated in six days only while normally, the treatment of this number would take more than ten months or about a year. Furthermore, the limitless sincerity and dedication of the Nabadat medical team staff had a lasting impression on the Mauritian staff working in this field. They witnessed the Nabadat team working 48 consecutive hours tirelessly to care for patients, setting a high standard to be followed.


AI Mamzar,Mamzar Beach,Near of The Cultural and Scientific Association and Dubai International Holy Qur'an Award.