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With Convoys for Elderly and Orphans and Launching External Projects of 13,145 Million Dirham Mohamed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Est. Celebrates Zayed Humanitarian Day

His Excellency Ibrahim Muhammad Bu Milha, Advisor of Ruler of Dubai for Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs and Vice-president of Secretariat of Mohamed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Est., has confirmed that Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, May Allah Have Mercy on Him, deeply believed that all humanitarian and charitable works which he provided are a religious duty dictated by his heart that is full of love of all human beings. Thus, he was very generous in humanitarian and charitable fields and helped his children, brothers, friends, and other people inside the State at the times of crises and emergent disasters in order to relieve their effect on the peoples. These humanitarian activities have been deeply established in minds and hearts of those beneficiary peoples. He was a guide to honest and sincere humanitarian activity and was pushed by his love of the United Arab Emirates, its leaders, and people which gives and helps only for pure humanitarian work.

Bu Milhal also said that the initiative launched by His Highness Shiekh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Vice-president and Prime Minister, Ruler of Dubai, May Allah Protect Him, to name the UAE Humanitarian Day as Zayed Humanitarian Day. This Day coincides with the death anniversary of the Late/ Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, which is on 19th of Ramadan every year. The purpose of this Day is to commemorate Sheikh Zayed’s name so that his effect and humanitarian activities would remain in every work we do, witness his good impression on this generous people, and confirm that Zayed’s sons are guided by him and don’t breach the fundamentals and principles which have been planned and set by good-hearted and humanitarian Zayed who helped all people around the world. The UAE has been always providing assistance to all peoples and never argued that it can’t provide help due to long distances and hard arrival. The UAE has never refrained from providing help due to different languages, religions, and customs. The longer the distance is and the more the hard work is required, the more the shapes and languages would be different. In all respects, the UAE is always careful to provide help, assistance, and aids. It has never delayed any aids nor slackened to overcome the difficulties which people face. The UAE is guided by values and principles of the founder of its well-established humanitarian pillars, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, May Allah Have Mercy on Him. His death anniversary will remain a strong incentive to provide the message of peace which Zayed tried to convey to all human beings and to provide more humanitarian and charitable works for the needy without any discrimination for any reasons so that mercy would prevail and grudges would vanish. Consequently, causes of conflicts and greed would be stamped out and cooperation, peace, and peaceful coexistence would prevail between peoples and nations. All people would also endeavor to achieve development and stability.

Bu Milha added that all charitable and humanitarian works provided by the late/ Sheikh Zayed would remain a light for humanity in their way and a guide to all humanitarian institutions internally and externally and would provide lessons about how humans help each other for building the globe as ordered by Almighty God. Under the wise supervision of UAE leaders and directions of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, President of the State, May Allah Protect Him, his brother Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Vice-president, Prime Minister, Ruler of Dubai, May Allah Protect Him, and their brothers rulers of other emirates, May Allah Protect Them, the UAE will follow the same way which is rooted in the immortal humanitarian school of the late/ Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, May Allah Have Mercy on Him, as a fixed strategy and approach adopted by the UAE to provide help and assistance to the needy. The UAE will remain an example and landmark of providing charitable and humanitarian works.

The late/ Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan was well-known for generosity and giving inside and outside the State expressing his love of humanitarian and charitable work everywhere. He built schools, mosques, and hospitals, dug wells, and fed hungry people. He insisted that the charitable approach would be the State’s religion and external policy which builds its reputation around the world and a remarkable standing between nations.

Initiative of 10 Convoys for the Elderly and Orphans inside the State

Bu Milha stated that the Establishment launched in this honorable occasion some humanitarian initiatives inside the State and other friend countries. The purpose of these initiatives is to follow the same humanitarian way as the late/ Sheikh Zayed. The first initiative was launched in the State. It is a convoy for the elderly to honor the first generation of founding fathers and grandfathers who were brought up on this land and patiently struggled and contributed to establishing the pillars of the modern country. Sheikh Zayed was very careful about the citizens and their needs as he considered that man is the pivotal element of balanced development throughout the State and a fundamental pillar for achieving progress, development, and flourish. The citizens cooperated with Sheikh Zayed in building this country. Thus, the Establishment launched the initiative of Ramadan convoy for the elderly. It organized collective Iftar ceremony for the elderly and orphans, which includes heritage and religious events. Presents were distributed to the elderly in the ceremony which was organized by volunteers. Eid clothes were also distributed to orphans. The convoy wandered around 10 stations starting with Kalba, Fujairah, Khorfakkan, and Dibba Al-Hisn, Dhaid, Hatta, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Sharjah, and ending with Dubai.

Bu Milha said that this initiative in this remarkable occasion is executed to honor this generation who lived in the beginnings of this distinguished national union leaded by Sheikh Zayed with his brothers Rulers of the Emirates, May Allah Have Mercy on Them. This generation could build one of the most remarkable countries around the world and efficiently achieve a significant position in all official circles giving new generations an image about UAE heroes who contributed to building and developing our dearly-loved country and transform the difficult challenges and conditions into successful stories.

External Initiatives

With regard to the external initiatives of Zayed Humanitarian Day, the Establishment adopted the approach of the late/ Sheikh Zayed to build mosques, hospitals, and schools. This approach is beneficial to developing communities. These projects affect three aspects of human life which are soul, body, and mind. A mosque establishes human soul virtues and sets up a relationship between God and worshippers. It also invites people to honesty and sincerity and adjusts their conducts and dealings. Hospitals care about the safety of body which helps humans to give, move, and work and makes them productive for themselves and their families, communities, and countries. Schools are places dedicated to receiving beneficial science and knowledge which are strong weapons necessary for the long journey of life including modern physical and contemporary sciences. The Establishment started with these projects of 13 million one hundred forty-five thousand dirham.

Project of Building and Equipping 10 Public Hospitals in Somalia

A project was launched in Somalia to build 10 hospitals and clinics including 5 public hospitals and 5 gynaecology clinics. These hospitals and clinics will receive patients in the next anniversary. This project has been established because Somali condition is deplorable. No preliminary health care is provided and there are very few public and private hospitals which only serve emergent cases of injuries of gunshots. There aren’t also public facilities for sewage and hygiene. As there wasn’t clean and drinkable water last years, dangerous epidemics and infectious diseases spread and rate of death increased; especially between people who are more prone to these diseases. The project was very important to rescue as much as possible. Establishment of these clinics and hospitals aim at supporting health services, disseminating health development concepts and health awareness of villagers and rural population, and contributing to reducing the rate of death due to chronic and dangerous diseases which largely afflict children and women, providing health care for pregnant women and giving them vaccinations against female diseases as women will find appropriate health centers for the fundamental health services. These projects will also contribute to disseminating the methods of protecting from diseases, realizing the sources of epidemics, and providing advices in this respect.

Bu Milha also stated that the Establishment built these hospitals in some Somali cities in order to satisfy medical and treating needs of the population of these cities. These hospitals were also designed to satisfy the necessary needs of curing and nursing. They consist of main medical units, which are four delivery rooms including caesarean rooms in addition to rooms of examining pregnant women and providing medical advices for breastfeeding mothers. Every clinic includes 4 rooms to provide medical services, vaccines, and food for children who are below 5-year old, a medical lab, two reception halls, administrative units such as management offices, accounting department, doctor room, and nurse room, mortuary, warehouse, and health facilities. The building cost of the second stage of these projects exceed ten million five hundred thousand dirham.

Every hospital will provide services for about 150 patients every day. Thus, the hospital helps and treats patients according to the plan which contributes to mitigating the effect of this disastrous condition on Somali people through providing basic health services to stop bleeding, please innocent hearts, reduce their pains, and give them their hopes for prosperous life.

Sheikh Zayed’s (May Allah Have Mercy on Him) Endowment for Islamic Chiefdom in Kosovo

Sheikh Zayed’s Endowment for Islamic Chiefdom has been established in Kosovo within the initiatives of Zayed’s Humanitarian Day. The purpose of this endowment is to follow the approach and principles established by the late/ Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan who was well-known for limitless support of Islamic peoples with regard to their missionary activities in order to procure financial sources for these activities. The most significant purpose of this Endowment is to build a headquarters of the Islamic Chiefdom Council and provide the Chiefdom with a financing source. The Endowment also aims at strengthening the Chiefdom’s role in Kosovo. Thus, this Endowment called Sheikh Zayed Endowment to perpetuate his name.

The Establishment realizes that self-financial sources of Islamic institutions and chiefdoms must be developed in friend and sister countries in order to increase their financial capacities and enable them to implement some projects for Muslims in these countries. This is what the late/ Sheikh Zayed used to do in order to increase the number of Muslim beneficiaries. In this respect, the Establishment has agreed with the Islamic Chiefdom in Kosovo to build an endowment building in the name of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan in order to increase the Islamic Chiefdom’s capacity and resources and its contribution to self-financing and develop its projects for the benefit of Muslims. The Endowment project consists of two buildings. The first building includes 6 commercial shops and consists of two floors. The second building includes 3 administrative offices for the Chiefdom. The cost of the project is five hundred forty thousand dirham.

Sheikh Zayed’s Mosque in Kosovo

Mosques are the most beloved by Allah and the most honorable place. Love of mosques is worship and profit. When a person loves mosques, he/she will be shadowed by Allah on the Judgment Day. The late/ Sheikh Zayed was interested in building and restoration of mosques as he built some mosques taking our Messenger Muhammad, Peace be upon Him, as example. There is no doubt that a mosque is one of the most important forums which guide Muslims particularly and people generally to good, educate them useful lessons, and inform people of the message of Almighty God. Mosques are places where the light of prophecy spreads and gather peoples of nations. They are clear of any dirties and are protected from any damage. They are also commonly owned by Muslims. Accordingly, the Establishment sought to build a lot of mosques in the name of the late/ Sheikh Zayed in some countries. A mosque is a fundamental element which indicates that they cling to their religion and disseminate the great message of Islam. These mosques include Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Salagrashid Village, Municipality of Suhareka, Kosovo.

Bu Milha stated that the Mosque would be built on area of 146 square meters so that it would accommodate to 400 prayers. It would consist of a main corner for men, places for ablutions, bathrooms, mortuary washing unit, and hall of activities. It also includes an accommodation for Imam. The Mosque will be furnished and supplied with microphones. The Establishment will pay Imam’s salary and other costs. The cost of the project is five hundred forty thousand dirham.


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